Phase 3: Maintenance

After you have successfully maintained your weight, you are ready to add all normal foods back into your diet including starches like potatoes, and sugars like mangoes, bananas and sweets (in moderation). Continue to weigh yourself in the morning.

If you ever go above 2 pounds over your lowest achieved weight, a “steak day” will put you back within your range. It is important to do the steak day on the same day as the weight gain otherwise it is not as effective. You can maintain your new weight by following this simple system.

There is a major reason why most other diets do not work long term. We must remember that we have only had food readily available to us for the past few hundred years. Before that, we had to work hard for our food, such as hunting, gathering, planting and harvesting.

When food was not so available, a loss of fat meant we had just experienced a famine, or a harsh winter. Therefore, when food became available again, the body naturally and very efficiently replaced those healthy fat reserves so that our bodies would be prepared for the next bout of calorie deprivation. Today food is readily available but our bodies still respond to a rapid weight loss by trying to replace those fat reserves that have been lost as quickly as possible.

So with most other plans as you reintroduce your regular eating habits, your brain is working very hard to get the body to store those calories as fat. But after a successful Maintenance Phase, your hypothalamus has experienced the new weight for three weeks, and has reset your “normal” weight at that new number. It is much easier now to maintain your new weight without quickly regaining it unless, of course, you eat way more calories than your body can readily burn. This is unlikely, however, because new habits have been formed with this diet program and most patients experience craving healthy, natural foods more than before.

The following recommendations are suggested dietary habits for life. There should be no deprivation. You will enjoy increased energy and health, stay slim and fit and feel your best.

  • Do Not Overeat. Stop When You Feel Full
  • Weigh Yourself Every Day
  • If You Go Over your High Weight, do a “Steak Day” as referenced in Phase III
  • Read Labels and Avoid Any Food That Contains Ingredients Like MSG, Torula Yeast, Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated Oils, Artificial Colors/Flavors/Preservatives
  • Always Drink Between 64 and 128 Ounces of Water Per Day
  • Avoid Canned or Processed Foods
  • Exercise Daily
  • Take Our High Quality Multivitamin
  • Always Keep In Touch with Your Coach


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