Mixing Instructions


Please watch our HCG mixing video below, or continue reading below for detailed instructions.

Take out the following supplies and follow the instructions below:

  1. 10 ml bacteriostatic (bac) water
  2. 10ml clear vial
  3. Small vial which contains the HCG (SEMFIT HP 5000)
  4. 3ml mixing syringe
  5. Alcohol pads

[Please scroll down for dosage instructions as well]

Please note that if you are under the advice or care of a coach, doctor or other professional who has a recommended HCG protocol we suggest that you follow it. Our dosage protocol is simply a guideline that will work for most people. Individual results may vary.

IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE YOU BEGIN:  Inside of the manufacturers package that contains the small vial of HCG.

Step 1 – Make sure you are working on a sterile surface and do not touch your needle back to any surface after you start, to keep it sterile

Step 2 – Locate the 10 ml bottle of either bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride (10 ml bottle with a green or purple top) and the HCG (you will see powder or what looks like a small white tablet in the bottom of the very small HCG vial which has a red or blue top) labeled SEMFIT HP 5000. 

Step 3 – Clean the tops of the sterile vial (empty sterile vial has a silver metal lid with a rubber stopper in the center) the bacteriostatic water and the HCG vial with an alcohol wipe.

Step 4 –Insert your 5ml or 10ml mixing syringe with needle into bacteriostatic water and draw out 2ml.  (It works best if you put the bottle upside down, with the needle underneath the bottle and pull the water out).

Step 5 – Inject the 2ml of back water into the small vial of HCG slowly. You must remove the top off of the HCG vial for this step.

Step 6 – Swirl the HCG vial gently DO NOT SHAKE to completely reconstitute the HCG. Shaking the HCG vial could damage the solution. This also avoids adding too many air bubbles.

Step 7Draw out ALL of the liquid from the HCG vial back into your mixing syringe.  Hold the HCG vial upside down and needle underneath the HCG, with just barely the tip of the needle into the bottle, so that you can get out all the HCG.

Step 8 – Inject the 2ml of liquid HCG now in your mixing syringe directly into your empty sterile mixing vial.

Step 9 – Now draw out and additional 3 ml of bacteriostatic/sodium chloride water and add it to your sterile mixing vial for a total of 5ml of Bac water added to the HCG in the mixing vial  (use the method mentioned above by holding the bacteriostatic water vial upside down and your needle underneath, when drawing.) – Gently swirl to mix. Do not shake.

Step 10 – You now have 5ml of HCG at 5000iu strength which, after mixing, must be kept refrigerated. Store in a safe area of the fridge where the cold temperature will be most consistent and try to avoid direct light.


How Much To Take Every Morning: On the 1CC orange insulin needle assuming you mixed your HCG as directed above, draw out to the 20 mark on your insulin needle for a dose of 200iu which is 20 units on a 100 unit insulin syringe.

If you are experiencing hunger later in the day – it is recommended that you reduce (yes reduce) the amount of HCG that you inject (with HCG less is actually more in terms of effect) by increments of 2 until you find the “sweet spot” for you particular body chemistry where you are not feeling hungry and your weight loss is consistent.

Example of how to reduce your dose: If you have diluted with 5mL of bac water/sodium chloride mixture – draw to the “18” tick line. Normally within one or two adjustment you will find a dose that works for you. Remember to keep your protein as high as you can and drink 1 gallon of water each day to flush out the toxins associated with ketosis and rapid fat burning.

Only mix one vial at a time, as necessary.

Please call HCGRX at (424) 262-2011 if you have any questions.



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