About Ultra HP HCG

What is Ultra HP HCG?

Ultra HP (High Purity) Premium HCG, in our opinion, is the best HCG money can buy. Period. 

Is it different than “regular” brands of HCG?

After extensive research during numerous field interviews with many HCG users, our conclusion is that different brands of HCG deliver different results; many of which are noticeable almost instantly.

The single highest concern that arose during our research was the fact that despite users preparing and administering their HCG per the product instructions, many experienced extreme fits of hunger and were unable to complete their cycle or hit their goal weight. The primary cause of this was either the lack of the required concentration of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone in their daily shots or that (HCG) was not present at all.

With this in mind the team at HCGRX embarked on a worldwide quest to find the purest, most potent and highly effective HCG on the planet along with the most cutting edge advanced HCG diet protocol on the planet for our customers. Especially for those looking to achieve athletic results, building more lean muscle and burning more body fat. 

We found it alright and learned that it was appropriately named SemFit HP HCG which is now exclusively available to all HCGRX customers via our very select, exclusive distribution channel. No more wondering if your HCG will work or what kind of product you have. By combining SemFit HP HCG with our exclusive Advanced HCG protocol and LCD ( Low Calorie Diet) users should experience a weight loss of .5-1.5 pounds per day per 28 day HCG cycle.

Unique Benefits of Ultra HP HCG

Users of SemFit HP HCG along with our exclusive Advanced HCG diet protocol have reported:

  • Rapid Acceleration of HCG Diet Results Compared to Other Brands
  • Dramatic Decrease in Appetite & Food Cravings
  • Feeling Full on Very Small Amounts of Food
  • Not Thinking About Eating / Food Constantly
  • Breaks Weight Loss Sticking Points or Plateaus
  • Increase in Energy and Endurance
  • Increase in Skin Radiance
  • Decrease in Stubborn Fat Deposits
  • Fat Loss in the Abdomen, Thighs, Arms, Face and Back
  • Clothes Fitting Looser in a Very Short time
  • True Loss of Body Fat and Not Muscle
  • Easier to Maintain Goal Weight in Phase 4
  • Elimination of Spasms and Inflammation

Why Ultra HP HCG is Better

Using the best laboratory equipment available Ultra HP HCG goes through a proprietary multiple-phase intense purification process which results in an extremely pure, refined and highly potent end product. Most other brands of HCG only go through a single purification process that often leaves by-products behind which can greatly reduce potency, hence why many individuals experience uncontrollable hunger and little to no weight loss when using inferior brands of HCG.

By removing virtually all impurities, Ultra HP HCG achieves a form of HCG that is easily and evenly absorbed by the body with every use; thus allowing consistent noticeable immediate results.

Premium Advantages of Ultra HP HCG

  • Very Smooth / Very Easy To Mix (Reconstitute)
  • 4 Stage Proprietary Purification Process
  • Consistent HCG Concentration
  • Does Not Burn When Injected
  • Maintains Full Potency for 45 Days After Mixing
  • Highly Effective in Both Men and Women
  • Consistent Multi-Round Results
  • Ultra Refined for Maximum Absorption
  • Advanced Micro-Particle Filtration Technology
  • Produced Using the Highest Quality Equipment Available
  • Better Quality HCG Than Used in Most Clinics & Offices
  • Specially Formulated to Jumpstart The Weight Loss Process

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